About us

A widely appreciated feature of Stockholm transitn


Djurgårdslinjen* has, through the years, been a widely appreciated feature of Stockholm transit. What lies behind our success? Probably it’s the combination of a feel for our tramway heritage, the experience of sounds and smells in the old trams, and the dedication of our members in the Swedish Tramway Society (Svenska Spårvägssällskapet), who provide good service to our passengers. Our vintage trams also share the advantages of the modern tram. They’re environment-friendly, high-capacity, and move smoothly through urban traffic.

A hundred isn’t an advanced age for a well-cared-for tram, as seen here on Strandvägen in Stockholm. The yellow mailbox is emptied at the end of each day of service, just as in the old days!

3,200 meters of track

Djurgårdslinjen was inaugurated on a beautiful, though cloudy, summer day in 1991. The line is 3,200 meters long and runs between Norrmalmstorg and Waldemarsudde, on the island of Djurgården. Service is provided most of the year on weekends, and on summer weekdays as well. Djurgårdslinjen, line 7N, serves as a well-regarded reinforcement of land-based public transport to and from Djurgården. Our record for passengers transported in a day by the old trams is about 11,000.

Current renovation projects

In the carhouse on Djurgården, we keep our vintage trams along with the modern trams that serve line 7 on the service commissioned by SL. This is also where we work on the renovation of additional older trams. Our collection includes Stockholm trams from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, as well as some Gothenburg trams from the 1940s and 1950s, and the elegant mustang with its Stockholm connection, kindly lent to us by Malmö Tekniska Museum (the Technical Museum of Malmö). We also have a popular café and party tram. It can be chartered by anyone who wants to arrange a special occasion.


* Djurgårdslinjen® is a registered trademark of AB Stockholms Spårvägar, designating the tram service with vintage trams operated by the company on the route Norrmalmstorg-Skansen-Waldemarsudde.