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Stockholm’s most varied views in the bargain

Räkna med god mat och trevligt sällskap - utsikten får ni på köpet!Did you know you can charter your own tram? The only limits are your imagination and our tracks

Birthday, company party, excursion, sales force kickoff, anniversary, bachelor party, or how about a romantic dinner – anything is possible!

You can choose the type of tram you want to travel in. In our cozy tram, you can enjoy good food and a magnificent view. If you’re nostalgic and like to attract attention, travel in tram 335, rebuilt from a 1920s tram. For larger groups, we recommend one of our mustangs, which can move hundreds of people faster than any other means. The aesthete will want our Stockholm mustang, considered the world’s most beautiful tram when it arrived in the 1940s.

Regardless of which tram you select, we can guarantee you an unforgettable trip on the tram and a lifelong memory! In which era do you want to travel?

We have trams that ran on Stockholm’s streets as early as the 1910s. The most recent is from the 1960s. We also have trams from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. The trams have been selected to depict various periods of Stockholm’s tramway history. Which era do you prefer?

Train of the 1910s

SSB BC4 182SSB A2 24

The first electric trams, which replaced the horsecars. Has open platforms, so it is operated mostly during the warmer months of the year. Read more about SSB BC4 no. 182 and SSB A2 no. 24.

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Train of the 1920s

SS B19 846SS A1 76

The classic central-city train, familiar to Stockholmers between the 1920s and the beginning of the 1960s. Read more about SS B19 no. 846 and SS A1 no. 76.

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Train of the 1930s

SS B11 521SS A12 335

The suburban train, used on routes that later had underground service, such as the lines to Skarpnäck, Mälarhöjden, Fruängen, Ängby, Nockeby and Sundbyberg. Read more about SS B11 no. 521 and SS A12 no. 335.

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Train of the 1940s (can not be booked, under renovation)

SS A24

The classic Ängby tram, which also had successors on the Lidingö lines. Read more about SS A24 no. 373.

Train of the 1950s

SS A25 71

The mustang train, which was the height of modernity from 1947 to 1967. Read more about SS A25 no. 71.

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The Gothenburg train

SS B31 615SS A31 331

Our workhorses, which previously served the Gothenburg tramways. Read more about SS B31 no. 615 and SS A31 no. 331.

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The café train (Company’s carriage), even for food order

SS B31C 618SS A51 210

The café tram, where all seats are window seats and the view is ever-changing. Read more about SS B31C no. 618 and SS A51 no. 210.

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SL A34

SL A34

The regular service on line 7 uses modern high-capacity articulated trams. Read more about SL A34.

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Work motor

SS A283 9207

Our workhorse that keeps the tracks and switches clear of snow and dirt. Read more about SS A283 no. 9207.

skumpaThe best window seat in town

Enjoy a delicious dinner at the best window seat in town, with a view of Strandvägen, Djurgården and the Royal Dramatic Theater.

In our popular restaurant car, we set out attractive tram menus for various budgets. Just imagine enjoying a delicious meal at the best window seat in town!

How about a deli plate with delicious country pâté, chicken and leek pie, well-aged cheddar cheese, or a generous buffet, set out in the tram where your guests can help themselves!

We offer four reasonably priced menu options. In addition, you can put together your own à la carte menu!

Sällskapsvagnen, nr 618, har plats för 32 sittande gäster.
Our party tram, no. 618, can seat 32 guests.

picknicPicnic in the greenery

Combine your tram outing with an enjoyable meal surrounded by greenery.

We’ll prepare your picnic basket. In addition to the delicious food, it will contain a picnic blanket, napkins, plates, glasses and flatware. All you have to do is find a cozy place, put everything out, and enjoy.

The tracks take you straight to all the attractions of Djurgården

The tram is a perfect means of transport for large groups. You can decide where you want to be picked up. On the tram, you can enjoy the view and a refreshing drink.

Are you planning a party for your customers or your staff at one of Djurgården’s many attractions? We have our own tracks to Vasamuseet (the Vasa Museum), Nordiska museet (the Nordic Museum), Spritmuseum (the Spirits Museum), Liljevalchs konsthall (the Liljevalch art gallery), Aquaria, the ABBA museum, Gröna Lund amusement park, the Hasselbacken restaurant, Cirkus, Skansen, and Waldemarsudde, to name only a few. We will drop you off and pick you up again on your schedule. Why not go ahead and offer a few refreshments on board? That’s always appreciated

Combine with a vintage bus ride

If you need to pick up your guests somewhere else in the city, we can do so in a popular vintage bus from the 1960s and take them to your choice of location along the tram line, or anywhere else in the Stockholm area.

Read more about chartering a vintage busöppna i nytt fönster

matDownload our brochure, price list and menu ideas

Contact us for a price proposal. Our minimum charge is for one hour. We then charge for each half hour or portion thereof. Our menus are offered either by the plate or as a buffet. Naturally, you’ll travel in style! We will place Swedish flags on your tram.

If you want to decorate in some other way, you may do so, subject to these conditions: you must bear the cost of the decorations, which may not damage the bus or jeopardize traffic safety.

Brochure (swedish)

pdf Charter brochure (pdf)
pdf Menus and prices (pdf)

A warm welcome on board!