The café tram

Cafévagnens besättningThe best cafe team in town

Have you noticed the tram with the giant coffee cup on the roof? That’s our popular café tram, number 618. Here you can have a coffee and a pastry with an unbeatable, constantly changing view. The café tram departs Norrmalmstorg Saturdays and Sundays, approximately half-hourly, beginning at the end of March and continuing through the third Sunday in Advent. You can get on and off wherever you like along the line. Our popular café hostesses make sure that all our guests have a great time.

Förgyll helgen med ett besök på Cafévagnen.A ride, a drink, and freshly-baked pastries on board

Try the café tram to travel to Skansen or another attraction on Djurgården. You can order a coffee, a tea, cocoa, soft drink or mineral water with any freshly-baked pastry in addition to your ride. Now you can also pay with credit or debit card.

ticket price
Single ride, adult 35 SEK
Single ride, child aged 7-19, or pensioner 20 SEK
Single ride, child under 7 free when accompanied by adult
Coffee, te, chocolate 20 SEK
Soft drinks, mineral water 25 SEK
Juice 30 SEK
Any pastry 25 SEK
Open-faced sandwich 35 SEK

All prices include VAT.
Note: SL passes are not valid on the café tram. The café tram staff sell the tram’s separate tickets as set out above. Passengers who wish to travel on their SL passes are asked to travel in the motor (the car ahead of the café tram in the train).

Cafévagnen nr 618Café trailer tram no. 618

Tram no. 618 is a trailer of type B31C (C for café!), rebuilt in Norway and provided with an appropriate interior for use as our café tram. Since 618 is a trailer, it operates with one of the motors we have rebuilt for this purpose, usually A51 no. 210, whose roots are in Oslo. Read more about tram 618.